by In Search Of Sight

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released November 13, 2012



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In Search Of Sight Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Mr. Clean
Reality now bends to the will of your mind, for there is a greater knowledge you must find, not just for us but for yourself as well.
I see the universe without time and I see all the realities I have only dreamed of.

That is because you have power we give to no one else, we are counting on the fulfillment of the task. Time is no object. Completion is all that counts from now on. Answers are the only thing that you have left to measure yourself with, and you have only one to find.

Here you are balanced on the edge of a gigantic expanding precipice. Pinnacle or pit, the destination is your choice. The only thing holding you up is an endeavor.
Track Name: The Long Now
The Clock of the Long now has expired, we do not know what hands built this machine. Ten thousand years? Time is just a fool’s counting game. To conjugate in the now? Understanding unnecessary. We do not need their primitive thought.

Moments in time so quick to pass, we meant to last forever. Our time shall come to us. With completion of the clock our future will be one with our present placement here in time and space. One place for two realities.

Our past beckons to us. Times’ walls have broken down with doors that shatter reality to pieces. Past and present are now one.

Wasted time yields wasted lives. One more time, thank you all. You’ve come so far, now you’re here tell us of the future and the time you’ve left behind.

No! I will tell you of the ways you will serve me. If you brought us back for knowledge, you’ll be getting none. Look for answers in the escape for your own life, there is no place you will hide from hate. We hate that you’ve beaten us to this, although you’ve aided our pursuit of existence forever, we will let you keep your life.
Track Name: Infinite Equations
Nothing is real the universe is at your disposal. The equation has infinite proposals that include us. Nothing has come from the things our minds are capable of. Light wrought form. Behaviorless pieces instructed by the energy left from the start. One by one, singularity reaches us all, bringing about change. Just empty space makes us up, the parts of our whole go unseen for all time. I am not standing still, I am spinning through space and I will never be slowed down. All the things you think you know are false and I have been watching for so long, I am inside you entangled in the empty space and I present you with harmony. That which exists beyond reality. Motion without movement beyond the boundaries of typical thought. Parts of the whole are seldom measureable, as to their respective contributions. Now as a whole each part alone appears jagged, chaotic without its interaction. Taken together this mass of confusion conforms into the precise functions of our specific purpose.
Track Name: Enigmatic
Moderate the one you cannot control, having nothing to depend upon. Await the source of knowledge that you can not find. Cyclical nature of your own existence. Your arrogance is blinding. Falling into nothing you must open your eyes. But never will you see what is hiding in front of you. My hand has been forced into wrecking life just for you. The Universe was created for your disposal. Destroy that which is clean, and become nothing more than you were before. Never to know what is your motivation. Beneath the surface of your tenacious compliance, that which keeps one foot in front of the other. The knowledge that somewhere an as yet unreached reality glows, shedding a radiance so absolute it boggles the mind with futility. Exaltation. And the ever present hint of an intangible fortress inside which you slowly starve.
Track Name: Stagnation
Search for the answer to your question. How is it we have arrived at this place in time. Trapped in stagnation. Our time that’s been silenced by that which was once possible now will never be realized for we never even considered what was virtue of its nature shall always be a harbinger of what is. And as such we could avoid its construction. Our time has been silenced by that which once possible.
Track Name: Writing the News
Information hides from us because we hear that truth is the thing we should fear. Lies as far as eyes could ever see. Writing the news they want us all to read. Fact is not relevant, I can’t tell you why. All I can say is I’m fed up with this. I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore. We should have faith in ourselves for we are strong as one. Screaming at the top of our lungs; we want the truth, nothing else will pacify. We are the source, and the vote. We give you life and we will take our power back soon. Lies as far as eyes could ever see. Writing the news they want us all to read! I’m mad as hell, and I won’t take this anymore.
Track Name: Traces
Fragment’s of existence beyond my control. My identity has gone away. My power soils my mind. My Newest reality is empty just like me. There is no going back.

You’ve lost yourself because of arrogance. Do you remember what you’re looking for? Or have you lost track of everything running from door to door. You were the one we counted to set us free!

Answers that I have come to find, they are not to your benefit you will not be pleased with the only thing that I recall is that we humans all exist to be conscience of the universe so that the universe can understand itself. Hear me. What I have done is what you asked of me at the expense of myself.

Thought that I could be all the things you asked of me, but I can see now that just won’t do. I couldn’t change my life for you. I have to be where I can see the sky. To look around and wonder why I just don’t fit your master plan for the pure fabulous plastic man. And I know that the faces I’ve seen are only tangents to a circular stream. I’m stumbling, lost in a world of dreams.
Track Name: Clean Again?
Waking up. No time to dream, think, feel, or see a thing. Where is this place, I have no memory just of how I came to be in this place of sleep, in this place of waking up. Ten thousand years I’ve been asleep dreaming of you to dream of me. It’s here I’ll find my…

Rest is not yours to find. Wake up to save yourself before the nothing gets you, reaches into your soul and pulls out the darkness you wish to hide.

It is here that I am becoming clean again. I feel at home. Power gone, my work is done. I’ve never felt more free in my…life is now all about creating a new world with my hands not with my mind. Not like before, I’ve tried and failed many times, Ill succeed. But I feel tired for now.

Fool! To think you are awake now, even to go back to sleep. Consequence for your mistake; Never wake up! Dreaming the same dream forever. Rolling the same rock to the top you will not ever reach awake, or asleep. Forgotten. Sisyphus don’t you see? You are already dead.